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1.a - The www.falstore.it website (hereinafter "online store") is owned by Manifattura Landi srl (hereinafter Manifattura Landi) with headoffice in Prato (Italy) via Dino Saccenti, 5/29 Vat n°01908750977.
1.b - The following general contract conditions (hereinafter "general conditions") govern and take into considerations the relationship between the customer (hereinafter "customer") and Manifattura Landi, collectively "parties", for the purchasing of the Manifattura Landi products (hereinafter "products") available time to time for this reason on the online store. Italian is the language for the agreement contract.
1.c - As per these specific terms, client/customer shall mean the consumer or person who buys goods for different purposes than specific business or professional activity. The purchase of the products is regolated by italian low.
1.d - The customer should read carefully all terms and general conditions that have been made available on web-site in order to make copy and reproduction as per art.12 DLGS 9th April 2003 n.70. A copy of all general conditions will be send by Manifattura Landi, as per next Art. 5.d of these terms, trough email.
1.e - All web-contracts closed with Manifattura Landi, are governed by Italian law and, in particular, with the DLGS 6th September 2005, n. 206 (Consumer Code) and the DLGS 9th April 2003, n.70 (execution of the 2000/31/EC concerning legal aspects on information society services in the internal market, with specific reference to e-commerce).

2.a - The available products for on-line purchasing are knitwear, technical socks, trousers, gilet, rain resistant jackets and overcoats, t-shirts and shirts, accessories for hunting, camping, trekking and sports in general. All these products are subject to availability: you can check always the real-time stock for the items: Manifattura Landi can change in any time the quantity limit and /or type of the goods that the customer can purchase on web-site. Of course, the customer will be informed in the order can't be' execution due to unavailability of the goods.


3.a - All product prices on web-site are expressed in € (euro) and are comprehensive of all taxes except for delivering charges (if not expressly indicated).
3.b - Manifattura Landi guarantees that all the prices shown on web-site are correct, but also cannot guarantee the absence of mistakes: in this last case Manifattura Landi will send communication about the different price to the customer asking him to confirm or cancel the purchase.

4.a - Each products shown on web-site have specific details, description and price.
4.b - For the purchase of the products on the online store the customer should complete and submit the order form in electronic format: the customer can choose the items in which is interested and add them in the "shopping bag"; after that should confirm the amount indicated and delivery charges, accept the general conditions, select the type of payment and accept the final order confirmation. 4.c - In case of mistakes in data entry phase or for some needs of changing data, the customer should follow the specific procedure listed on web-site. The customer can always change the kind or quantity of the items before the final confirmation order.

5.a - The agreement between the customer and Manifattura Landi shall be considered completed and confirmed when the order placed by the customer will arrive to the Manifattura Landi site after corrected/completed purchase process and once that Manifattura Landi has obtained the authorization charge from the customer credit card related to the amount of the purchase. Of course, the purchase is considered confirmed by Manifattura Landi only if the purchase process is completed regularly, correctly and without any mistake. Manifattura Landi is not responsible for malfunctions due to the network enterprise data transmission.
5.b - By sending the order to Manifattura Landi, the customer submit and confirm that he has taken acknowledge of all agreement conditions provided in the purchasing process and so to accept all specific terms.
5.c - The order form will be stored in the database's site for the time needed to process it.
5.d - Manifattura Landi will transmit to the customer all the information concerning the order received by e-mail containing all details as: general terms and conditions, privacy policy, specific terms and conditions given to customer contract, information concerning Manifattura Landi, details on the products purchased, date and time of the order made by the customer, all the information on customer services, on existing guarantees, on how to make complaints, on withdrawal terms, on specific situations for activating the procedure to return back the items by considering terms and time, on details about prices of the items, methods of payment, charges transports. The customer should always verify all communication and report immediately some omissions of errors to Manifattura Landi.


6.a - The customer can make payment by credit card. Manifattura Landi accepts only payments made through the following credit cards: Visa - Mastercard - American Express. The transaction will be charged from the customer credit card only after: verifying all information given, confirming debit authorization by the company issuing the credit card used by the customer, confirming product availability from Manifattura Landi and therefore after the order will be reading for dispatch.

7.a - For security reasons the products purchased on web site will be delivered to the address shown on the Credit card. At the delivering time we’ll require the signature of an adult person (more than 18 years old). We do not make shipment to PO boxes and the order will be not processed.
7.b - For all orders placed on the online store, Manifattura Landi will issue a specific invoice for the goods shipped, sending it by e-mail (in accordance to the D.P.R. 445/2000 and the D.L. 52/2004). The invoice will be issued with all the information provided by the customer. No change is possible after the issuance of the invoice.
7.c – Delivery charges are charged to the customer and will be automatically marked clearly in the invoice. Taxes and duties will be always paid by the customer.
7.d - All purchases will be delivered by our forwarder agent. Orders are processed and delivered from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays and national holidays. All orders will be delivered within maximum 30 days from the day after which the customer has made and sent the order to Manifattura Landi. Manifattura Landi is not responsible for delays due to unpredictable delays or causes of force majeure.
7.e - When the customer receive the goods, he must check the following:
(i) the number of items received is the same as indicated in the transport document;
(ii) the external packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered in form. In such cases, the customer must immediately notify the fact to the forwarder by placing a check written on the proof delivery. Once signed the assignment document, the customer cannot make any complaints about the good’s appearance.
7.f. - Manifattura Landi promptly informs the customer, anyway not later than 30 days of the receipt of the order, on the eventual inability to deliver the order even if for temporary reason.

8.a - Manifattura Landi will notify the customer with specific truck number for traceability by e-mail and upon request.

9.a - Manifattura Landi will refund the entire amount of the order that are returned back by the customer without any damage and unused. All items are shipped with specific label attached on product. The surrender and exchanges of the items will be accepted only if the label will remain intact and attached to the product as originally received and all process instructions are correctly and strictly observed. Refunds will be made in the same methods of payment as provided for the purchasing. The purchased goods may be returned back within maximum 15 days from the date of delivery. All products purchased online cannot be refunded unless the conditions listed above. Delivery charges are not refundable.
9.b - All charges delivering incurred to send back the goods shall be borne by the customer as well as the customs fees that will be subtracted and so not refundable by Manifattura Landi. Manifattura Landi reserves the right to refuse the return back of those products that do not meet the aforementioned requirements.
9.c - Manifattura Landi undertakes to promptly refund the customer within and no later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the written order concerning cancellation and return back of the product under the previous point. Manifattura Landi will send an e-mail notification once the refund has been made.
9.d - It is recommended to ship the products to be returned-back by using an insured courier for tracking in order to track the shipment. Manifattura Landi will not be responsible for the refund or compensation of those Products that have been lost, stolen or damaged.
9.e - As per the article 64 del D. Lgs. n. 206/2005, the customer may withdraw from the agreement without any penalty and without specifying the reason within the term of 15 (fifteen) working days from the date of receipt of the products, except as provided in the next step.
9.f - To exercise the right of withdrawal, the customer must send to the following address (Via Dino Saccenti 5/29 - 59100 Prato), a written communication with return receipt containing: • the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal as per the art. 64 del D. Lgs. n. 206/2005; • the details of the Products for which the Customer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal; • the order number issued at the time of making order.

10.a - Manifattura Landi aims to provide information on the Site constantly updated. However, it is not possible to ensure that the online store is completely free of errors. The online store may contain typographical mistakes, inaccuracies, omissions, some of which may relate to pricing and availability of the product and to the specific details of the products. Manifattura Landi reserves the right to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, also after an order has been submitted and furthermore reserves the right to change or update information at any time without prior notice.

11.a - Manifattura Landi guarantees the authenticity of all the products purchased on the Site.
11.b - All intellectual property rights such as trademarks and copyrights are the exclusive property of Manifattura Landi. No page or other content of this site may be reproduced without prior express written permission.

12.a - If a product sold by Manifattura Landi shows a defect of production or if there is a discrepancy with the order submitted, the customer shall follow the same procedure as in step 9.

13.a - The access conditions to the online store are governed by the Italian law and shall be interpreted in accordance with Italian laws
13.b - The customer accept the non exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts. For any controversy arising from or in connection to the navigation or the use of the web Site, the jurisdiction shall be the Court of Florence.

• Protection of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights • Material sent • Items • Escape clause • Exclusion of guarantee • Limitation of responsibility and compensation • Various

Thank you for visiting our online store. Please read the following terms of use carefully before using this website. These terms govern your access and use of the website FALSTORE.IT If you do not accept these terms you are kindly requested to leave this site. The use of this web site implies the acceptance of these terms as well as the privacy policy and in case of on line shopping all the sale related information. Manifattura Landi can anytime change these terms, at their complete discretion. Protection of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights The entire web site and the material contained in it is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. For more details, read the information relating to copyright and trademarks shown separately. Material sent Any project, suggestion, ideas, photos, and other content (personal information excluded) sent to Manifattura Landi though this site or in other way (“Material sent” reported below) is not considered confidential and private but it will become and remain property of Manifattura Landi. Any material sent, implies the assignment to Manifattura Landi of all rights reserved to it, included those of copyright.

Manifattura Landi does not have to:
(i) keep confidential any material sent;
(ii) pay for the use of it;
(iii) respond to the material sent or confirm its reception. The user claims that the material sent does not violate, in any way, any rights of third parties, including copyright-trademarks-patents-industrial secrets and private rights. By sending material the user admits the right but not the obligation of Manifattura Landi to copy, publish, distribute and use it for whatever reason (such as advertising, promotions or other commercial purposes) without expecting any compensation. The user is entirely responsible of the content of the material sent. Items The items Manifattura Landi contained in this site are part of Manifattura Landi’s collection.

The site does not contain all the items of the collection. They may be changes of the style, designs, colours of Manifattura Landi’s products at anytime without previous notice. Escape clause The contents of the site may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Manifattura Landi is not responsible for these inaccuracies or mistakes, neither than any loss or damage caused by information obtained by this site or through it. The user has to evaluate the information and contents of the site. The site and all the information included may change at any time without previous or consecutive notice. Exclusion of guarantee The site and its contents are provided according availability and actual state.

Manifattura Landi does not provide any warranty, expressed or implied, of the site and its contents, such as warranties of ownership or safety from damaging software, or warranties of merchantability or suitability for particular purposes. In order it denies expressly any statement of facts and warranty. Manifattura Landi does not guarantee that the information contained in this site are accurate, complete or up to dated and the site does not contain imperfections. By using the site the user accepts all risks associated with its use and he is entirely responsible of the loss or low use of data and the costs associated with the software/hardware related of the site assistance. Also Manifattura Landi is not responsible for any damages caused by the use of this site. If the current legislation does not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, the cases of exclusion of guarantee mentioned above may not be applied to the user in whole or in part.

Limitation of responsibility and compensation Manifattura Landi is not responsible for any direct, indirect, special, punitive, accessories, exemplary or consequential damages, or any other kind of damages, due to the use or impossibility of using the information, the items or contents of the site. This is valid even when Manifattura Landi has been informed that such damages may occur, after legal actions under the principles of contract or otherwise. Since the exclusion or limitation of responsibility related to accessories and emerging damages are not allowed in some countries, the above limitations may not be applied in whole or in part to the user. Various The current general conditions are governed by Italian law.

Copyright. All rights reserved. The entire online store and the material contained in it is protected by copyright, trademarks and/or other intellectual property rights. The owner of the above material is Manifattura Landi. Such material includes photographs, images, sketches, texts, videos, sound recordings, drawings etc. All rights are reserved in all countries of the world. The contents of the site have only promotional and informational purpose. The use of the site is only allowed to private and personal purposes, not to commercial ones. Also, it is allowed to copy and download contents of the site for only personal and not commercial use. However, the user has not any right, title or interest in the material downloaded or copied. It is not allowed reproduce (for purposes other than personal, non-commercial use), publish, transmit, display, remove, cancel, add or in other any way change the site, the contents or its software, as well as create items inspired by it, sell them or take part in the sale. It is strictly forbidden any other use of material on this site, including reproduction for purposes different than use, modification, distribution or republishing for personal and not commercial purposes, without the previous written permission of Manifattura Landi.

Make an order, Payment and Shipping for Manifattura Landi online store. Call +39.334.6139206 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 1 pm (C.E.T.) or send an e-mail to info@falstore.it.

For the purchase of the Products the Customer must complete and submit to Manifattura Landi. The purchase order form in electronic format, by following the instructions contained in the website. The customer shall add the product to the "shopping bag" and only after having reviewed and accepted the contribution towards the cost of delivery, together with the General Conditions, Privacy Policy and right on withdrawal, should select the type of payment and choose the "order confirmation".

METHOD 'OF PAYMENT The customer may pay the price of the Products together with the delivery charges by credit card. Manifattura Landi accepts payments made only with the following credit cards: Visa - MasterCard - American Express. The transaction will be charged from customer’s credit card only after verifying all credit card information and received the debit authorization by the company issuing the card, after confirming the Product availability by Manifattura Landi and therefore after the order is ready for dispatching.

Delivering costs are charged to the customer and are clearly indicated on the order form. Once products are shipped and if requested, Manifattura Landi will send to the customer an e-mail confirmation containing specific tracking number for traceability. All purchases will be delivered by specific express courier. Orders will be processed and delivered from Monday to Friday, excluding vacations and national holidays. Anyway, Manifattura Landi is not responsible for unpredictable delay. Except in cases of force majeure, products will be delivered within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days from the day following that on which the customer has transmitted order to Manifattura Landi.

Privacy Policy of April 2012 of personal data relating to registration
1. Source of data
2. Purpose of data processing
3. Methods of processing
4. Obligatory or optional nature of providing data
5. categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated
6. owner and responsible of personal data related to the purchase of Manifattura Landi’s products and material sending Manifattura Landi recognizes the importance of protecting customers’ data, such as personal data (eg. identification data) or financial ones (eg. Credit card number). Thus, Manifattura Landi guarantees the adoption of specific procedures and appropriate security measures to protect your data in the best way.

We inform you that Manifattura Landi does not accept personal information neither online orders by customers under eighteen years old. So minors are kindly requested to not insert their data (and do not make online orders) but refer to adults. We inform you, as follows, about the terms and the aims of the use of your data by Manifattura Landi. With regard to personal data concerning the use of Manifattura Landi’s website. This website is operated by Manifattura Landi placed in Prato, via Dino Saccenti, 5/29 - 59100 Prato. By accessing and using this site you consent the data processing described in this section.

Cookies Manifattura Landi uses cookies and track the address in order to improve the services provided by the site and your experience with Manifattura Landi. Cookies are information that a website can send to the browser of your computer for archiving purposes. Manifattura Landi uses cookies to control which pages of the site are visited and how often, in order to make our site more accessible and allow an easier access every time you return to it. For example, cookies allow us to know your password in order to avoid to re-enter each time you visit our site. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. If you want cookies can be disabled or deleted from your browser. You can find specific information on your browser toolbar of your computer under the Help heading. Manifattura Landi does not guarantee the correct operation of the site if you disable cookies. In case that no cookies are disabled you are consenting to its use.

Security Manifattura Landi uses appropriate methods to protect the information provided. Even though Manifattura Landi takes all necessary measures to protect the information provided, please note that none information transmitted by internet can be guaranteed absolutely against the unauthorized access of third parties; Manifattura Landi is not responsible of any breach of security that is not due to Manifattura Landi’s negligence. Referring to personal data relating to the purchase of Manifattura Landi’s products , registration and sending of promotional material, Manifattura Landi wants to provide you the following information about personal data processing under art.13 D. Lgs. n° 30 June 2003.196 (Code relating to Italian Personal Data Protection).

Referring to personal data relating to the purchase of Manifattura Landi’s products.

1. Source of data All personal data processed by Manifattura Landi, are directly provided by you, in order to be able to purchase online. If such data change over time, please inform us in order to keep your data updated.

2. Purpose of data processing
2.a The data provided to Manifattura Landi will be processed for the following purposes: a)in order to continue your order, related to its processing and legal, administrative, accounting and tax formalities. b) in order to manage the correspondence and other communication with you if necessary c) to verify the completeness, validity and accuracy of provided data and avoid computer related fraud
2.b In addition, with your consent, your personal data, provided by your future online purchases and at all our stores, may be used by Manifattura Landi to know you better, to conduct activities of direct mailing and direct e mailing, in order to send you invitations or information about our activities and provide more personalized services. So, Manifattura Landi will guarantee you an accurate and valid assistance.

3. Methods of processing data In relation to the above mentioned aims, personal data are collected by electronic means, through us, and are processed especially through the use of electronic instruments adequately protected or in a paper form.

4. Obligatory or optional nature of providing data You have to provide the required data in order to complete an online purchase. That means that the absence of data makes it impossible to start, manage and complete the online purchase. The optional information for the online purchase, analysis and direct marketing mentioned, shall be clearly specified. However the absence of these optional information will not prevent the continuation of your online purchase.

5. Categories of persons to whom the data provided may be communicated Your personal data will be handled by Manifattura Landi’s managers in order to manage the transaction. Your data can be communicated to third parties, such as professionals and employees of service companies that support Manifattura Landi through the management of the transaction (mainly Internet service providers, shippers), banks for the management of payments and receipts, providers of direct marketing and information technology in general. The data will not be transferred to third parties for promotional purposes. Furthermore, if you allow us to put your data in the database of Manifattura Landi’s customers, they will be subject of analysis and direct marketing activities. The database of Manifattura Landi’s customers is accessible only by Manifattura Landi’s employees, responsible of data processing and use of the information as a function of managing the relationship with customers.

6. Owner and responsible of the processing The owner is Manifattura Landi placed in Prato, Via Dino Saccenti, 5/29 - 59100 Prato; so this company is responsible of the data processing. Rights of the interested party We inform you that article 7 of D. Lgs. 196/2003 confers you as an interested party, specific rights.